Whatsapp Activity Monitoring For Parents

Gain access to your child's WhatsApp messages, media, and activity with the Parentaler app. Read all their conversations, photos, videos, and more. Keep your child safe and under control with Parentaler.


Whatsapp Parental Control App

Keep an eye on WhatsApp activity, including messages, calls, audio, and video files. Parentaler can let you see more than you think!

  • Messages

    You can view WhatsApp messages and in-app activity with Parentaler. Keep an eye on all conversations on the target device.

  • Calls

    Have access to both incoming and outgoing WhatsApp calls on the target device. Know who your child talks to and what they discuss.

  • Links

    You can see all the shared links on WhatsApp on your child's device.

  • Media

    With Parentaler, you can view all the photos and videos sent and saved on WhatsApp on your child's device.

  • 62% of customers use this feature at least once


April Albertson
April Albertson

I love the fact that I can view all of the photos and videos my daughter is sending and receiving on WhatsApp. It gives me a good idea of what interests her and who she interacts with. Parentaler has been a game changer for our family.

Donna Edwards
Donna Edwards

My husband and I constantly argued about our son's phone usage and who our kid was talking to on WhatsApp. With Parentaler, we can see exactly what's going on and have more opportunities to help him when he needs that.

Megan Scott
Megan Scott

It's so helpful to be able to see all of my son's WhatsApp activity and make sure he's not getting into any risky situations.


01Is it possible to monitor WhatsApp chats?

Yes, it is possible to monitor WhatsApp messages with Parentaler. Parentaler is an advanced monitoring app that allows parents to monitor their child's WhatsApp activity, such as messages sent and received, photos and videos shared, contacts added or removed, etc. The app also provides additional features such as the ability to set up alerts for when specific words are used in the chat conversations, block inappropriate websites and apps from being accessed, and even locate a child’s device in real-time. With the help of Parentaler, parents can ensure that their children are safe and secure while using WhatsApp.

02How to monitor a child's WhatsApp messages from another phone?

Monitoring a child's WhatsApp messages from another phone is possible, but it requires using WhatsApp monitoring software like Parentaler. After downloading and installing the app on your child’s phone, you can begin monitoring their conversations in real time. You'll be able to view their chats with others and see how often and for how long they are using the app. You'll also get access to their contacts and be able to set up alerts if conversations become too frequent or contain inappropriate language. All this data can then be viewed from a secure online dashboard, so you don't have to worry about leaving your child's phone unattended.

03Which Whatsapp activity is available for monitoring?

Using the Parentaler app for WhatsApp activity monitoring, you can monitor your child's Whatsapp activity, such as message content, frequency and duration of messaging, contacts in their list, and any links or images they might have shared. You can also set up alerts if conversations contain inappropriate vocabulary. All this data is then made available to you through a secure online dashboard. This way, you can keep an eye on your child's online activity without constantly monitoring their phone.

04How to install an app to monitor WhatsApp on a kid's phone?

The Parentaler app is a powerful WhatsApp tracker for your kid's WhatsApp usage. It will allow you to keep an eye on messages, photos, and calls exchanged through the messaging service. Installing it on your child’s phone is easy:

1. Sign up for an account and purchase the app.

2. Download the app onto your child’s phone through a secure link sent to the device.

3. Log into your account and follow the instructions for installation. You will need physical access to your child’s device to complete this step.

4. Once the installation is complete, Parentaler will connect with the device and monitor WhatsApp activities.

5. You can now access a log of all messages exchanged through WhatsApp on your Parentaler dashboard. It also shows photos, videos, and calls sent or received via the app.

05Is it possible to monitor WhatsApp on Android from iPhone?

Yes, with Parentaler, it is possible to monitor WhatsApp on an Android device from your iPhone. When you use the WhatsApp monitoring app on Android devices, you can remotely monitor all incoming and outgoing messages to monitor WhatsApp conversations on an Android device from your iPhone. You can also access contact information, shared media files, call logs, and other data sent or received through the app.

06Can I use online Whatsapp monitoring tools for free?

You can find a free WhatsApp tracker on the Internet. But keep in mind that these free tools may need to be more reliable and accurate. They may also contain malware, viruses, and other malicious software. Furthermore, they may not provide you with the features and data that you need to monitor WhatsApp messages effectively. Choosing a paid monitoring tool is best if you want accurate and comprehensive overseeing of your target's WhatsApp activity. Paid monitoring tools often come with robust features, such as access to messages and media, real-time notifications, call and contact details, etc., which can help you keep track of your target's WhatsApp messages from any device. Additionally, you are more likely to get reliable customer service with a paid tool than with a free one.

07What are the reasons to try a WhatsApp parental monitoring app?

Several compelling reasons you should try out WhatsApp activity monitoring.

1. Protect your child: The app helps parents keep their kids safe by monitoring their activities and conversations on WhatsApp in real time, allowing them to take immediate action if they detect any suspicious or dangerous behavior.

2. Monitor your child’s phone usage: The app provides parents with detailed information about who their child is talking to and what they are saying. It also allows parents to view each conversation's time, date, and duration.

3. Block unwanted contacts: To ensure your child’s privacy and safety, the app allows you to easily block unwanted contacts so they cannot contact your child.