Decode what your kids are saying with Slang Alerts

Kids have their own lingo. With Parentaler Slang Alerts, you’ll know the minute they use a specific word or phrase in their private chats and searches.


Slang Alert monitoring on your phone

Find out what they’re talking about without looking at their phone.

  • Dangerous Words

    From bullying to self-harm (or worse), Parentaler keeps an eye out, so you don’t have to worry about slang words meaning.

  • Sex or Drugs

    Kids shouldn’t be talking about adult topics, but that doesn’t stop them. With Parentaler keyword monitoring, you’ll know.

  • Instant Awareness

    With always-on keyword monitoring, you’ll know the moment they use slang words on their phone.

  • Chat & Search Support

    Parentaler keeps a watchful eye for slang words in their social media chats and web searches.

  • 77% of users have entered alert words in Parentaler


Hemant R.
Hemant R.

I like that I don’t have to constantly review my daughter’s phone to find slang words. Parentaler’s keyword monitoring tool does all the work.

Mario G.
Mario G.

I suspected my son was into drugs and Parentaler confirmed it with keyword alerts.

Robyn S.
Robyn S.

Such a cool feature! I’m not very good with slang words meaning, so this is definitely a plus for me. 10 out of 10.


01What are slang alerts?

Slang alerts are notifications to let you know when certain words are typed on their phone. Often called keyword alerts, slang alerts help parents stay informed on the slang their kids are using with their friends.

02How do I set up slang alerts in Parentaler?

Log in to your Parentaler account and set your alert words. Parentaler, the advanced parental control keywords alert app, will let you know if any alert words show up in chat or search. The keyword monitoring solution is the perfect way for parents to always be in the know.

03What app detects keywords and alerts parents?

When it comes to keyword monitoring, Parentaler is a great option. It can even help to monitor keyword if you don’t know its meaning. For example, if you’re unfamiliar with a slang word but you want to be notified if that word shows up on their phone, Parentaler can help.