Premium Android Parental Control That Really Works

Put your mind at ease with Parentaler. Keep an eye on your kid’s activity round the clock. Monitor social media usage, text messages, location, and more - all from one easy-to-use app. Stay connected with your family while keeping them safe.


Comprehensive Android Parental Control App

Take your parenting to the next level with Parentaler. Track your kid's activity on social media, text messages, and location anytime, anywhere.

  • Social media & messengers

    You can easily see what your kid is up to on popular social media apps and messengers. Monitor their chats, friend list, and media shared.

  • Location tracking

    Follow your kid's location in real time, check their route history, and set up an invisible virtual fence. Get notified if they go outside of the safe zone.

  • Website and apps blocker

    Protect child’s eyes from inappropriate content by blocking websites, apps, and games you don’t want your kid to see.

  • Calls & SMS, Photo & Video

    Stay informed about calls, texts, images and videos your child is exchanging.

  • Nearly 50% of our users monitor Android phones


Amanda Lee
Amanda Lee

I recently started using Parentaler for my kids' devices, and it has been a game changer. It's so easy to set up and customize restrictions based on their ages and interests. Love that I can block inappropriate content and apps.

John Ostlund
John Ostlund

I've been using Parentaler for a few months, and it has been a lifesaver. My youngest son has a habit of wandering off, but thanks to the GPS tracker feature on the app, I can keep track of his location at all times.

Norma Quijada
Norma Quijada

My daughter hangs on her phone days and nights. And guess what - Parentaler helped to see several unknown numbers and texts on her device! We’ve discussed this, and now I’m sure she communicates with people who are appropriate for her.


01How does Parentaler help parents monitor their children's online activity?

Our Android parental control app provides comprehensive over-the-air monitoring capabilities that allow parents to track their children’s device activity, including GPS location, social media activity, and more. The app also allows parents to set limits on usage time and block inappropriate content. With Parentaler, you can rest assured that your children are safe and secure online.

02Is the parental control app easy to use?

We’ve created Parentaler with your convenience in mind. You can use parental control for Android phones and tablets regardless of your technical know-how. The user interface is simple and intuitive. As it runs on a web-based algorithm, you can access the app on any device and monitor your children's activity even while they’re away.

03What features should the best Android parental control app offer?

The best parental monitoring app for Android should comprise both monitoring and control features. Monitoring features should include access to call logs, messages, browsing history, and emails. The app should also provide real-time location tracking, so parents can keep track of their kids even when they're away. In addition, a good parental control like Parentaler should allow for content filtering so parents can block certain websites or apps they don’t want their child to access.

04Does Android parental control app allow parents to track their children's location?

Android monitoring app for parents Parentaler definitely lets you track your kid’s location, and more than that - it also provides features like geo-fencing and location history to see past routes of your kid. This way, you get patterns of where your child is so you can take the necessary steps in advance. For example, you can draw an area on the map and set an alert if your kid enters or exits it.

05Does the app allow parents to block certain websites or apps?

The parental control app for Android has online filter tools that look like blacklists you can quickly edit and update. It allows parents to block certain websites, apps, and games permanently or temporarily. Additionally, you can set up a notification for specific keywords or links. So whenever your kid attempts to open a certain app or website, Parentaler will deliver a message to you.

06Is there a completely free parental control app?

Unfortunately, free parental control app for Android is typically limited. Most apps offering complete parental control require a subscription fee to access all features. In a worst-case scenario, free apps don’t deliver the features they promise at all and charge users for tools that are not available. At Palentar, we believe the best way to ensure your child’s safety is through a secure and reliable parental control app.

07Can I control my kids phone remotely?

Sure, with our Android parental control solution, you can keep an eye on your kid’s activity from any Internet-connected device. To do so, simply log into your Parental online dashboard, and you’ll be able to view their device's activities and take necessary action when needed. You can also set up alerts to notify you of any suspicious activity on their Android phone. With features like location tracking, web filtering, and app blocking, you can keep your children safe 24/7.

08Is it legal to view what my child is doing on his Android phone?

Parental monitoring app for Android is a legal solution for monitoring your child's activities on their phone. Parents of childer under 18 can use these apps to view the texts, photos, and videos their children are sending or receiving. It also allows parents to block unwanted content and set restrictions on what times of day a child can access the internet, as well as track location via GPS.