Call Monitoring To Check Call History of Mobile Number

Monitor usage activity and gain access to incoming and outgoing call details, giving you total peace of mind.


Monitoring mobile call history

Stay informed about their contacts without having to manually review their call logs.

  • Incoming calls

    All incoming calls are already in your hands with all the necessary information.

  • Outgoing calls

    Check where your child keeps calling.

  • Detailed information

    Gain comprehensive insights on their calls with detailed timestamps and duration.

  • Almost 27% of parents find this feature useful


John G.
John G.

I finally did it! I have two daughters, and of course, I have been worried all my life that someone will pursue them. And so, when they were 14, it happened. I can't imagine what would have happened if I hadn't installed Parentaler on their phones and found out.

Melissa A.
Melissa A.

I tried many apps, but this one finally gave me what I was looking for: my child's phone book. Dealing with a teenager who hides everything from you is not easy. Therefore, the only solution for me now is Parentaler.

Jia V.
Jia V.

My child used drugs. And I would never have known about it if I had not seen it in the call history instead of lessons and constant short conversations with an unknown number. It was hard for me to accept this, but I am grateful that I found out in time.


01How does call monitoring work?

Staying aware of the people with whom your loved ones are communicating can be a source of great comfort. With call monitoring software Parentaler, you'll have access to their incoming and outgoing calls alongside call duration information – no matter if they use Android or iOS devices! Moreover, it's easy as pie to set up: just log in to the control panel once downloaded for a comprehensive list with one click. Keep an eye out - make sure those closest to you stay safe from potential danger.

02What can parents see with a phone call logger?

Parentaler's call monitoring feature provides an insightful window into your activity. From the Control Panel, you can quickly and easily access chronological logs of incoming calls & outgoing calls along with pertinent information such as date/time stamps, duration & more-all neatly organized for maximum convenience. Digitally call history check online gives users invaluable insight by helping them make informed decisions to provide optimum protection for their loved ones.

03Can I get the call history of any mobile number?

With Parentaler, parents can now check their children's call history through an intuitive mobile app available for both iOS and Android devices. Keep your kids safe on the internet with call tracker features such as text messages checking, social media usage monitoring, and web browsing activity overviews.

04How to install a call-monitoring app?

Installing a call logger is a straightforward process. After purchasing, you'll receive an email containing your login credentials and the download link for the app. Once installed on their device according to instructions – don't forget to accept terms & conditions! - configure it with enabled features of choice, then select “Finish” when done; this will activate data collection from that device in a secure online dashboard accessible only through logging into your account. To access collected data, review 'Dashboard' via top menu bar upon signing in.

05Is call monitoring software about safety?

Call monitoring can have a significant impact on your kids' safety by allowing you to see of who they are communicating with and what they are talking about. By monitoring their calls, you can identify any potentially dangerous or harmful conversations they might be having with strangers, bullies, or even friends. You can also monitor their online activity and social media to ensure they are not engaging in inappropriate behavior or communicating with people who may not have their best interests at heart. Additionally, call monitoring can help you to identify any warning signs of cyberbullying or online predators, giving you the opportunity to intervene before things get out of hand. You can also use call monitoring as a tool for teaching your kids about responsible communication, online safety, and the importance of protecting their personal information.