Ultimate Android Content Filtering Solution

Want to make sure your kids stay safe online? Use our Android content filter to monitor and control their digital activities. Keep your children away from inappropriate websites, set time limits, and more with Parentaler.


Internet Filtering for Android

Take control of your child's online experience with Parentaler. Set custom filters to block inappropriate websites, customize time limits, monitor texts and more—all from one convenient interface.

  • Block websites & porn

    Restrict access to adult content, gambling websites and other inappropriate content.

  • Block apps & games

    Set custom filters to block specific apps and games from running on your child's device.

  • Control communication

    Discover who your kids are talking to, and when, with detailed reports on every conversation.

  • Monitor photos & videos

    See what media files your kid opens, downloads, or shares on their device.

  • 70% of parents have used Content filter at least once


Gregory Smith
Gregory Smith

My teenage son explores the internet more than I would like, but with Parentaler I can feel confident that he's safe! Website blocker tool runs smoothly and the customer service is outstanding. Highly recommend.

Kathy Johnson
Kathy Johnson

Parentaler saved me a lot of headaches and arguments with my kids. The app does an amazing job at keeping them safe online, and I can rest assured that they won't be exposed to inappropriate content.

Mary Brown
Mary Brown

I was worried about what my kids were doing online until I found Parentaler. Now I can always stay updated on their chats and ensure they're safe. Love this app!


01What is Parentaler Android content filter?

Parentaler web filter for Android is an ultimate solution for parental control. It provides powerful tools for website filtering, app blocking and ability to restrict adult content on your kids' Android devices. With Parentaler, you can easily customize web filter settings according to your family’s needs and be sure that your children are safe online.

02Why Parentaller is better than free web filters for Android?

Free Android content filtering is limited in capabilities and does not offer full protection for your kids. Parentaler has an advanced web filtering system, which provides much greater control over the content that is available to them. It also has advanced options like message tracking, media restrictions, and time limits to help you manage your children’s online activities.

03Which types of content can be filtered?

By using website filter for Android from Parentaler, you can restrict access to any type of content you deem unsuitable for your children. This includes social media websites, adult content, gaming sites, games, apps, multimedia, chat rooms, and more. Parentaler also provides customizable settings that allow you to add your own list of keywords or domains to block if needed.

04How to set up Internet filtering for Android?

The installation process is easy and straightforward. All you have to do is download the Parentaler app from the official website, log in with your Parentaler account and customize your Android content filtering settings. After this, the tool will be activated and it will block any inappropriate material that could potentially harm your children.

05How do I change web filter settings for my kid's phone?

If you want to customize Android content filtering, go to “Restricted” tab in the Parentaler app. From there, you can select which types of websites to block or allow, as well as add your own list of keywords or domains to block if needed.