Monitoring Solution That Checks Kid's Snapchat Activity

Does your kid have Snapchat? If so, keep a close eye on their activity with Parentaler. Monitor conversations, pictures, and videos sent or received by your child in real time for peace of mind. Protect your kids from online threats now.


Monitor Snapchat Activity with Ease

See everything your kids do on Snapchat with Parentaler. Discover who they are messaging, what media files they exchange, and more.

  • Messages

    Read private chats of your kids in real time. See contact details and timestamps for all messages sent and received.

  • Photos & videos

    Access media content your kid shares on Snapchat. Monitor incoming and outgoing media files to keep your kid safe.

  • Posted media

    Find out what media they post and when they do it. Download files for further review.

  • 31% of users use Snapchat tracker at least once a week


Sofia Turner
Sofia Turner

I never thought I would use the parental app for Snapchat, but here we are. My teenage daughter constantly exchanges Snaps, even with strangers. Though she assures me everything is OK, I’d rather double-check her pics with Parentaler.

Jason Kelly
Jason Kelly

Love the message tracking feature. In-built Snapchat parental control can’t beat Parentaler in terms of functionality. I can access any private chat of my son in a matter of seconds, whenever I want to.

Krystal Charron
Krystal Charron

Teens are extremely protective of their devices, and my kids are no exception. Parentaler helps me to stay informed about their social media activities, including Snapchat, without the need to take their phones away. Convenient app.


01Is there a way to monitor Snapchat?

Sure! The best way to get a complete picture of your kid’s activity is to use a dedicated Snapchat monitoring app like Parentaler. Once you install the software on the target device, the app will send the Snapchat data, including chats and media files, right to your Control panel. You can access it anytime from any Internet-connected device, whether a phone, tablet, or PC. Moreover, tracking multiple devices is also available if you have two kids or more.

02Can Snapchat messages be monitored?

While it sounds impossible to see what’s going on behind the public content on social media, Snapchat tracker Parentaler has made chat tracking possible. You can monitor Snapchat messages from the chat-like Control panel, both incoming and outgoing. Moreover, additional info like the time and date of each message will give you a better idea of what’s your kid up to when you’re not around. You can also see multimedia attachments and download them on your device.

03How to monitor Snapchat conversations?

Snapchat monitoring app Parentaler offers two ways of message tracking. You can either read your kid’s chats from the online dashboard or set up notifications for particular content, so you’ll get instant alerts when suspicious activity occurs on Snapchat. Both ways are convenient and easy to apply. You don’t have to be an experienced user to take advantage of real-time Snapchat monitoring.

04How to intercept Snapchat messages?

The process is relatively simple. All you have to do is to install a parental control app like Parentaler on your kid’s phone, and you’re ready to go. Snapchat direct messages will appear on your Control panel in a chat format. You can see who they are texting, what they say, and when. Additionally, any attachments, whether photos or videos, will also appear on their chats. You can monitor Snapchat 24/7 from any Internet-connected device.

05How to view Snapchat pictures anonymously?

Some users on forums advise turning “Airplane mode” on, but we believe it’s not a reliable option. Your kid can easily spot your activity on their account and hide new content from the preview. To monitor Snapchat from iPhone or Android, use Parentaler social media tool to get updates on their Snaps and messages. Your name won’t appear in the list of Snap viewers, so you can securely monitor Snapchat without any risks.

06Is there a free Snapchat monitoring app?

Claims about free Snapchat tracking are rather attention hookers of malicious websites than reality. These apps either bombard you with advertisements and simply mirror your real account or steal personal data. To eliminate any risks of data breaches, invest in a reliable paid Snapchat monitoring app. This way, you’ll get real-time access to your kid’s online activity. Moreover, paid apps like Parentaler usually come with 24/7 customer support you can contact anytime you need.

07Is Snapchat safe for children to use?

Unfortunately, the Snap Map feature has made it possible for online predators to find your kid outside the app and even meet up in the real world. What’s more, parents accuse Snapchat of the rise of cyberbullying and sexting, as 48% of its users are teenagers who often engage in dangerous activities. However, you can put an end to risky behaviors by using a comprehensive Snapchat monitoring app. Our kids are just exploring the online world, and you, as a cautious parent, can help them do it safely. Parentaler will give you the control over your children’s activities, by allowing you to monitor their Snapchat activity and alerting you when suspicious behavior is detected.

08Will Snapchat notify if it is being monitored?

Snapchat notifies its users whenever somebody tries to take screenshots of their Stories. However, it’s not the case with the parental Snapchat monitoring app. As you’re not logged into Snapchat itself but monitor your kid from the online control panel, the notification system won’t detect your activity. Regarding privacy and security, the parental control app is the best option for flawless Snapchat monitoring. You can keep an eye on kids’ activity and get peace of mind with the need to be too intrusive. This way, your children will be able to learn the responsible use of social media without sacrificing their privacy.