Monitor Your Kid's Kik Messages

Keep your family safe and secure with a reliable tool that helps you monitor, filter and control the content in Kik your kids view.


Kik Monitoring App

Easily monitor incoming and outgoing messages, pictures, and videos on one of the most popular messaging apps for teens.

  • Messages that are being received and sent out

    Review each message for hazards.

  • Photo and video

    Take control over what content they sent and received.

  • See timestamps for every message

    Check how often and when (especially at night) they use Kik.

  • 21% of parents use this feature


Chloe T.
Chloe T.

Among all social networks, my daughter chooses Kik for some reason. In the past, she already had problems with bullying at school, so I carefully check all her correspondence for humiliation. Parentaler and its monitoring are super simple and accessible even for me, who is far from technology.

Hunter P.
Hunter P.

My three kids are always under my control and I don't worry about them texting strangers or anything. Checked the Kik chat in the morning - and calmly go about my business all day.

Jennifer W.
Jennifer W.

In fact, few apps offer Kik monitoring along with other cool features. But Parentaler does. That's why I love it and recommend it to you.


01Can Kik be monitored?

Yes, monitor Kik with the help of a parental monitoring app. It provides parents with real-time updates on their children's activities and conversations, enabling them to stay informed about their online activities and more.

02Can parents know who their kids are texting with on Kik?

Parents have a duty to monitor their kids' communications in order to protect them from predators who disguise themselves as minors and lurk on social media. Kik messages and their senders can be viewed with Kik Tracker Parentaler, allowing parents the ability to make sure that their children are not engaging with dangerous characters online.

03What kind of information can be obtained by using a Kik monitoring app?

You can monitor Kik messages using different programs and each of them will have different features. Parentaler can help parents view Kik messages online with other users, see what kinds of pictures they are sending and receiving, set time on usage, and more.

04How to install the Kik monitoring app?

Installing Kik monitoring app Parentaler on a device remotely is easy as pie! All you have to do is subscribe and check your email inbox. With this, access all the features of your account along with simple instructions tailored for Android or iPhone devices - start enjoying Parentaler in no time.