Web Filtering Solution For iPhone

Do you feel like your kids enter danger zone on the internet? Parentaler can help you with our iOS web filter tool. Restrict access to inappropriate websites, apps and media content in two clicks now and keep them safe!


iPhone Internet Content Filter

Block access to adult sites, social media, and other websites that may contain inappropriate material. Easily control settings for each individual page or group of sites with our intuitive filter Parentaler.

  • Block websites & porn

    Add websites and adult platforms to blacklist. Your child won’t be able to access these sites.

  • Block apps & games

    Disable any app or game on their device. You can re-enable it at anytime.

  • Control communication

    Monitor the content of your kid’s SMS and social media chats. Discover who texts them, what and when.

  • Monitor photos & videos

    Access all media files sent and received from your child’s device in real-time. You can also see the gallery of the photos and videos created or downloaded.

  • 70% of parents have used iOS content filter at least once


Alex McBean
Alex McBean

Great app! Gave me peace of mind knowing that I can watch over my kid without much effort. Browser filtering is an especially useful feature.

Jasmine Smith
Jasmine Smith

I was looking for an app for text monitoring and Parentaler ticked all the boxes. Easy to use and great customer service. Any parent would be happy with Parentaler.

Jake Pearson
Jake Pearson

I'm grateful for Parentaler and what it does. It's added a lot of convenience to our parenting life. My kids can't access any unwanted apps without me knowing.


01What is the purpose of content filtering on an iPhone?

Instead of monitoring each and every website your child visits, web filtering for iPhone allows you to block inappropriate content and protect your family. Parentaler makes it easy to set up these filters with the click of a button. With its advanced algorithms and proprietary technology, Parentaler can identify dangerous websites and filter them out before they reach your child’s device.

02What can be filtered on an iPhone with Parentaler?

iOS content filter covers a range of online activities, allowing you to block websites with inappropriate content, control access to apps, monitor time spent on the device, and even monitor text messages. You can also set up custom rules for specific types of websites or services that you want to be filtered. Parentaler also provides detailed reports about your child’s online activities.

03How can I set up content filtering on my iPhone?

At Parentaler, we aim at providing flawless iPhone content filtering experience for all parents. Setting up Parentaler on your iPhone is easy, simply register your online account, download the Parentaler app from App Store and start setting up your content filtering preferences. You can block individual websites, set time limits for each application, or control access to various types of online activities. Brief reports about your child’s online activities will also be generated.

04Can I block specific websites on kid's iPhone using content filtering?

iPhone web filters allow you to block specific websites on your child’s iPhone. You can easily add or delete the blocked websites from the Parentaler app. You also have the option of blocking all adult content from appearing on your child’s device. Additionally, Parentaler’s advanced keyword and recognition technology enables parents to set up notifications for inappropriate words or phrases.