Instagram Account Monitoring That Keeps Your Kids Safe Online

40% of kids under 13 have an Instagram account. Don’t stay in the dark about how your children use Instagram. Monitor conversations, messages, and images sent or received on any device.


Advanced Instagram
Online Tracker

Get 360° visibility into your child’s Instagram activities. Control their access, monitor conversations, and protect them from potential harm.

  • Messages

    Access direct messages they send and receive on Instagram with timestamps and contact details. Discover who they’re talking to and when.

  • Photos & videos

    See any kind of images and videos your child shares or receives via direct messages. Download them for further review.

  • Published media

    Keep an eye on your kid’s Instagram content that is shared publicly – stories, posts, and more.

  • 64% of customers use Instagram tracker


Brad Hillman
Brad Hillman

As any parent, I discussed online dangers with my pre-teen daughter - but who would listen? Parental gave me peace of mind with online access to her direct messages. Now I can quickly review chats and keep her safe.

Lela Lopez
Lela Lopez

I use the app to monitor my son’s Instagram fan account. Sometimes he posts content that I find inappropriate, so it’s great to have a way to keep an eye on it. Parentaler helps me make sure he is staying safe online.

Donald Dennis
Donald Dennis

I trust my daughter, but creepy adults try to prey on kids online. Thanks to Parentaler, I can feel confident that she doesn’t send any private photos to strangers.


01How can parents ensure their kids are using Instagram safely?

Instagram monitoring online is not easy if you don’t have access to the right tools. However, tracking interactions on the platform is possible with a dedicated Instagram monitoring app. Such a tool should provide you with real-time notifications when your child sends or receives messages, adds stories, etc. You can also limit the time spent on Instagram. This will help ensure that your kids use the app responsibly. Moreover, if you are worried about your kids’ online conversations, you can use the Instagram DM monitoring feature to see their messages.

02How does Instagram monitoring app help protect kids?

With a dedicated parental Instagram tracker, you can ensure that your child is interacting in the safest and most appropriate way. The app will alert you of any suspicious activity, such as cyberbullying or inappropriate photos sent. It also helps parents keep an eye on their kids’ accounts and limit their screen time.

03What types of Instagram activities can be monitored?

An Instagram activity tracker can monitor different activities, including posts, direct messages (DMs), and stories. It can also alert parents to inappropriate content their children view or post on Instagram. Additionally, you can limit your kids' time on the platform.

04What is the right time to start using Instagram message viewer?

No matter how old your child is, it is essential to monitor their Instagram activity as soon as they have an account. This will help ensure that they use the platform in the safest and most appropriate way possible. Any parent who wants to monitor their kid’s activities on the app can use an Instagram monitor application. It can also be used on old accounts to make sure nothing inappropriate has been posted in the past. Anyway, it is always best to keep a close eye on your children’s social media activities.

05Is there a free Instagram activity monitoring tool to help me monitor child`s account?

Anyone looking for a free Instagram online tracker should beware of the risks associated with free third-party tools. They all require you to provide your personal information to access their services. Using a paid parental control application is the most reliable and secure way to monitor your child’s Instagram activities. Unlike free tools, these apps don’t require you to hand over any personal data and also offer a wide range of features to help you keep track of your child’s Instagram activity.

06If my kid`s profile is private, can I still see their messages?

Private accounts prohibit the public from seeing personal posts. However, depending on the parental control app you use, you can view your kids’ Instagram DM. Privacy settings can’t protect your child from being monitored by parents if you use the right tools. Parentaler features a message monitoring system that allows you to read messages sent and received on Instagram instantly.

07Can I monitor what my child likes on Instagram?

Parental captures screen of your child’s Instagram home page, so you can track which accounts they follow and the type of content they like. With Parentaler’s Instagram monitor tool, you have all the data points you need to ensure the safety and well-being of your kids online. You can even set alarms for keywords to be alerted if a conversation goes into dangerous territory.

08Can parents hide the fact of Instagram chat monitoring?

If you’re looking for a way to monitor your child’s social media activities without being intrusive, Parentaler provides the perfect solution for Instagram monitoring online. The app won’t appear on their device. With our advanced monitoring technology, you can access chats, photos, videos, and other content quickly and easily, so you always have the upper hand.