Geofencing App That Keeps Your Kids Away From Unwanted Areas

Still manually check your kid’s location? Parentaler has a better solution. Receive instant alerts when your child enters a forbidden zone. Keep your family safe with geofencing tracking software.


Innovative Geofencing Tool

Draw virtual perimeters around an area with unlimited geofence sizes. Receive notifications when kids enter or leave these areas.

  • Location history

    Discover the exact path and time a child was in certain places. See if they arrived or left on time.

  • Allowed and restricted zones

    Create multiple geofences around areas that matter to you. You will know when a child enters or leaves them. Personalize geofence sizes.

  • Instant alerts

    Receive instant notifications when a child enters or leaves a geofence area and stay informed about their safety.

  • 48% of users find geofencing useful


David Rowe
David Rowe

I looked for a GPS tracking app, but Parentaler exceeded my expectations. The geofencing tool has put my mind at ease, as I always know when my kids enter or leave certain places. The interface is great too.

Mary Davidson
Mary Davidson

My daily schedule is quite hectic, so Parentaler helps me keep track of my children in a convenient way. I love the instant alerts feature that lets me know when my kids arrive or leave safe zones.

Mark Smith
Mark Smith

As a single parent, I needed something to help me keep my kids safe. Parentaler provides the perfect solution with its geofencing and location history. I review the data whenever I can to ensure their safety.


01What is Geofencing?

Simply put, geofencing is a virtual fence or perimeter that you can set up around any geographical area, like a school, home, park, or mall. Our technology uses GPS coordinates and radio frequencies to create boundaries inside a geofencing application that triggers notifications when someone enters or leaves the designated area.

02What can Geofencing do for my children`s safety?

Unlike standard location trackers, the geofencing mobile app alerts parents when their kids enter or cross the boundaries designated by the virtual fence. This allows users to quickly check on their children and ensure they are where they should be. The feature is highly customizable, so you can choose to receive notifications for various reasons, like entering dangerous areas, arriving late to school, or leaving the house without permission.

03Can I install a Geofence app on my kid`s phone?

Sure, we offer two versions of Parentaler - the geofence iPhone app and the geofence Android app. Both application versions allow you to easily manage your kid’s safety by creating multiple virtual fences with custom notifications. The app also tracks how long your child has been in a specific area, so you can always stay informed about their whereabouts. Also, location history is available to check where your children have been throughout the day. You can view the list of visited places on the map.

04How do I set up a Geofence?

After installing the geofencing mobile app, you can easily start setting up your virtual boundaries. All that is required is to drop a pin on the map and draw a fence around the desired area. Once all settings are configured, Parentaler will automatically track your kid’s movement within the specified area. You can also get notifications when your kid enters or leaves the geofence you have created. Plus, you can create multiple virtual fences and customize their respective alert settings.

05Is Geofencing an invasion of privacy?

Geofencing application is a legal solution for parental control and does not invade your child’s privacy. Until 18 years old, parents are responsible for their child’s safety, and geofencing is a great way to ensure kids don’t wander outside the area or beyond the boundaries you have set up. In addition, your kid can also be aware of his/her location at all times and can get help if needed.