Why Parents Should Track Their Child’s Location?

Jim Jefferson
why should parents track their child

Have you ever wondered why should parents track their child? A wish to control everything, hyperopia, or, maybe, finally, the need to keep children safe? According to the statistics, the number of children aged 11-15 in the United States who were victims of a sex offense is 51,434. Also, 1,086 children became the victims of sex trafficking that year. More than 90 thousand children suffered from physical abuse. There are approximately 400,000 kidnapping cases against people under 21 years old in the USA as of 2022. 

Statistics are terrifying. There is no parent who cares about their child and wishes this destiny for their kid. Therefore, you can do everything possible to keep your children safe. One of the ways is accepting the fact that there are a lot of parents tracking their child, and that is normal. You can be one of them if you want protection and safety to ensure your child is fine wherever they are. 

Reasons Why Parents Should Track Their Child

As a parent, you want to keep your child safe and know where they are. With all the dangers in the world today, many parents are turning to location tracking apps and devices to monitor their child’s whereabouts. Here are some of the top reasons why parents should track their child, and how it can be beneficial. 

Peace of Mind

Knowing where your child is provides peace of mind. You don’t have to worry as much when you can pull out your phone and see their location. Whether at school, soccer practice, or hanging out with friends, location tracking assures you that they are where they are supposed to be.

Quicker Response in Emergencies

Accessing your child’s last known location in an emergency can be critical. Whether they have gotten lost, been in an accident, or are in trouble, you can provide this information to first responders to help get assistance to them faster. Every minute counts in an emergency.

Detection of Unsafe Locations

Tracking your teen allows you to see if your child visits potentially unsafe places. You can find out and intervene if they are hanging out in bad neighborhoods, areas with high crime rates, or places you’ve prohibited them from going. It lets you keep better tabs on where they spend their time. 


Insights on Activities

Knowing your child’s location gives you insight into their activities and habits. You can see if they went to the library to study or confirmed they attended basketball practice, as they said. It provides details you wouldn’t otherwise know about how they spend their time outside the home. Therefore, if you track your child’s phone without them knowing, you can gain better insights into their activities, which can be especially crucial if you suspect something wrong. 

Setting of Geographic Boundaries

Many location tracking apps allow you to set geographic boundaries and get alerts when your child enters or leaves specific areas. You can set their school and neighborhood as safe zones and get notified when they leave. This helps prevent sneaking out or truancy.

Monitoring Late Night Activities

Should parents track their teenager’s location to achieve calmness? Absolutely! Location tracking is helpful for parents who have teenagers, who start exploring the nightlife. Instead of waiting up all night wondering when your teen will get home, you can check their location and confirm they are hanging out with their friends at the agreed place. It removes any guessing and speculation.

Auto Check-Ins and Alerts

With automatic check-ins, your child can confirm they arrived safely at a destination. Having special parental control apps is best way to track your child, as they allow setting up geofences so if your child enters or leaves a specified area, you receive an automatic alert. This communication provides convenience and peace of mind.

Easy to Use and Setup

Most location tracking apps today are easy to use and set up with your child’s smartphone. Features like real-time location sharing and location history make it simple to monitor their whereabouts. Many paid plans are affordable and worth the cost.

Promotes Open Communication

When knowing how to track your child appropriately, location tracking can promote open conversation between parent and child. Discussing why you want to track their location and setting expectations can lead to an honest dialogue about trust, responsibility, and safety.

How Can I Track My Child’s Location Without Them Knowing? 

parentaler gps tracking

Parentaler is the best way to track child’s location and stay informed of their activities. With cutting-edge features, Parentaler gives you real-time location tracking, location history, geofencing, and more.

  • Real-Time Location – Check your child’s current location at any time with real-time GPS tracking. Know where they are at the park, school, the mall, and everywhere in between.
  • Location History – View your child’s location history to see everywhere they have been. Great for confirming they were where they said they were.
  • Geofencing – Set up permitted boundaries for your child and get alerts when they enter or leave specified areas. Great for keeping children in safe zones.
  • Activity Reports – Get insights into your child’s location habits and see their frequently visited places. Monitor where they spend their time.

With easy setup and intuitive controls, Parentaler provides parents, who have “track my child’s location” thoughts on their minds, with superior monitoring features and peace of mind. Stay informed of your child’s location and activities with Parentaler’s innovative technology and commitment to child safety. The best way to know where your kids are at all times.


Knowing how to track your kid with cell phone has many benefits for parents in keeping children safe and aware of their activities and locations. However, it’s important to use tracking responsibly, respect your child’s privacy, and communicate with them about why it’s being used. Hyperopia isn’t the same as protection. With openness, it can provide valuable peace of mind.

Jim Jefferson is the voice behind Parentaler blog posts. A true expert in digital security with over 10-year experience in child behaviorism. He focuses on making parent's lives easier by enlightening their digital experience.

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