Parents Guide to Snapchat: Essentials to Protect Your Child

Jim Jefferson
Parents Guide to Snapchat

As parents, staying up-to-date on the latest social media trends is important so that you can protect your children from potential risks. In 2022, Snapchat had approximately 464 million users worldwide, which makes it one of the most popular social media platforms among teenagers. While this platform offers many fun features for users, there are important safety measures that parents should consider, ensuring their child’s safety. We decided to gather the essential information you need to know about in this parents guide to Snapchat, so you can protect your children from potential risks while allowing them to enjoy its features. 

What is Snapchat Used For?

Snapchat is a multimedia messaging app that is used to send photos, short videos, and text messages. It also offers “Stories,” where you can post content that can be viewed by your Snapchat friends for 24 hours. You can also view the posts of other users who have added you as a friend or are in your contacts list. Snapchat also offers “Discover,” which is a curated selection of content from different media outlets and companies that you can view without being friends with them. So, once we know what it is and what it is used for, let’s clarify whether is Snapchat safe for kids or not.


How Old Do You Have to be to Get Snapchat?

The minimum age requirement to use Snapchat is 13. However, if your child is younger than 13 years old, it’s still possible for them to get an account by lying about their age. So, is Snapchat safe for kids? If you discover that your child has a Snapchat account, and they are underage, it’s essential to speak with them about the risks associated with the platform and any other social media apps they are using. 

Is Snapchat Dangerous?

Once we know what age is Snapchat for, let’s go further. As with any social media platform, there are potential risks associated with Snapchat. These include the possibility of cyberbullying, sexting, and exposure to inappropriate content. Additionally, if your child isn’t careful about who they add as a friend or what content they post publicly, their personal information may be exposed to strangers. Snapchat also has a “Snap Map” feature that allows users to track each other’s exact location in real-time. This can be dangerous if someone is being stalked or harassed. 

Is Snapchat safe for kids? It depends on how it is used and what your child uses this social network for. If used safely, it can be a great way to stay trendy with peers. 

Good Things About Snapchat

Despite the potential risks, there are also many positive aspects to the platform. Snapchat encourages users to be creative with their content and offers a wide range of fun filters and editing features. It also allows users to communicate with others in a secure environment, as all messages sent on the app are deleted after being viewed. Additionally, it has a “Snap Map” feature that allows users to share their location with friends. 

Dangers of Snapchat: 10 Safety Tips

Dangers of Snapchat

1. Remind your child to be mindful of what content they post publicly on Snapchat and limit who can view it. 

2. Regularly check their contact list to ensure that only people they know are added as friends. 

3. Set time limits for how long your child is allowed to use the app each day. 

4. Make sure your child’s account is private and can only be viewed by their friends. 

5. Monitor their activity on the app to make sure they aren’t engaging in potentially risky behavior and dangers of Snapchat. 

6. Teach your child how to report inappropriate content or users that are making them feel unsafe or uncomfortable. 

7. Remind your child that anything they post or send on Snapchat can be screenshotted and shared without their permission, so it’s important to think twice before posting something they may regret later. 

8. Talk to your child about the potential risks associated with using Snapchat and other social media platforms, such as cyberbullying, sexting, and exposure to inappropriate content. 

9. Make sure your child knows not to share personal information or their location with strangers on Snapchat. 

10. Let your child know that you are there for them if they ever need help or advice about anything related to the app. 

So, is Snapchat Safe for Teens?

Overall, Snapchat can be a great platform for teens to express themselves and interact with their peers in a fun environment. However, it is important for parents to keep an eye on their child’s activity on the app and remind them of the potential risks associated with using social media platforms. 
Thanks for reading! We hope that our parents guide to Snapchat will help you keep your child safe!

Jim Jefferson is the voice behind Parentaler blog posts. A true expert in digital security with over 10-year experience in child behaviorism. He focuses on making parent's lives easier by enlightening their digital experience.

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