Text Message Blocker Apps for Android and iPhone

Jim Jefferson
Text Message Blocker Apps for Android and iPhone

We all have had to deal with the never-ending flow of spam flooding into our inboxes. Chats on instant messengers and social media apps only add to the chaos. It feels like anyone can reach out to you to offer a useless product or a shady service. Will this ever stop?

Yes! Call and text blocking apps for Android and iOS can help you get rid of digital mess once and for all. 

Both Google Play Store and App Store offer hundreds of free tools that claim to be the ultimate solution against spam. But how many of them are effective? We did a bit of testing and came up with a list of the best apps that block messages and calls. 

Let’s see what they can do for you!


Top 8 Free Call and Text Blocking Apps for Android and IOS

Here are the top 8 apps to block text messages and phone calls on Android 🤖 and IOS 🍏. 

Call Blacklist🤖

Call Blacklist

The principle behind Call Blacklist is simple: if somebody is not on your contacts list, their calls and messages will be blocked. You can also add some of your private numbers to a blacklist to stop them from ever bothering you again.

This call and text blocker app for Android also lets you schedule quiet time so you won’t get calls or messages from blocked numbers during that period. If you’re a light sleeper, Call Blacklist is definitely a great app to have!

Supported OS versions: Android 4.0+

Call Blocker and SMS Blocker 🤖

Call Blocker and SMS Blocker

If you need a versatile app to block texts and calls, consider Call Blocker and SMS Blocker for Android. It logs the blocked messages and calls, so if you want to know what was said in those messages, you can check them later.

The app also automatically identifies spam numbers and blocks them. And if some numbers from your contact list are accidentally marked as spam, you can easily add them to a Whitelist.

Supported OS versions: Android 7.0+

TrueCaller 🤖


TrueCaller is a must-try free text blocker app for Android devices. For those who’ve been feeling bombarded by spam calls from unknown numbers, TrueCaller has a solution. 

The app has an integrated Caller ID system that identifies phone numbers and blocks them from contacting you again. It displays the names of unknown numbers when you receive calls so you can decide whether to block them or not.

It also provides a variety of features, such as a custom block list, call recording, AI transcribing tool, SMS blocking, and reverse phone lookup. 

Supported OS versions: Android 5.1+

CallApp 🤖


CallApp is the best text blocker app for Android phones that you can find on the Play Store. It seamlessly integrates your default messaging app, WhatsApp, and Viber. You can chat with your loved ones and block spam numbers without switching between apps. 

On top of that, CallApp records phone calls and filters out spam callers using its advanced AI-based caller identification system. 

Supported OS versions: Android 6.0+

SMS Shield🍏

SMS Shield

SMS Shield is one of the most powerful call and text blocking apps for iPhones. It has a lot of filtering options for number and keyword blocking. For instance, you can choose the mobile operator, the country, or even the state to block all incoming calls and messages originating from those locations.

SMS Shield offers other impressive features: AI-based spam filtering and custom blocking.

Supported OS versions: iOS 11+

Hiya: Spam Phone Call Blocker🍏

Hiya Spam Phone Call Blocker

Hiya makes it easy to block those annoying callers you don’t want to hear from. Whenever you receive a spam call, Hiaya sends a notifiсation that lets you block the number in a single tap. And if this app to block texts and calls falsely identifies a number as spam, you can pick up the call like you normally would.

Additionally, Hiya protects you from spam messages and enables you to look up phone numbers to find the name or Caller ID.

Supported OS versions: iOS 11+



VersSMS is the best text blocking app for iPhone you can find on the App Store. It works pretty simply: the AI-based spam blocker scans text messages and blocks them if specific keywords are detected.

Just like other similar apps, VeroSMS lets you add numbers and keywords to a whitelist. So, if you receive verification codes from services like PayPal, you won’t have to worry about them going to the spam folder.

Supported OS versions: iOS 11+

Mr. Number Lookup and Call Block🍏 

Mr. Number Lookup & Call Block

As its name suggests, Mr. Number Lookup and Call Block is an advanced phone lookup and call blocker app. It can identify unknown callers in real-time and has an extensive database with over 2 billion numbers.

Additionally, this app blocks calls from specific numbers, area codes, or entire countries. And if necessary, you can even report suspicious numbers to the authorities.

Supported OS versions: iOS 11+

How to Detect Spam Text Messages and Calls Your Child Receives

Whether you choose the best text blocker app for Android or iOS devices, they all require manual setup and some knowledge of how spam works. For our kids, who are more naive and impulsive than adults, using such tools might not be enough. 


If you want to keep your child safe from spam calls and texts, get the advanced parental control app that is compatible with Android phones and iPhones. One such an app is Parentaler. It gives you full control over your child’s phone usage.

Here are some of the key features it offers:

  • Call and Text Monitoring. Read sent and received messages along with contact information, date, and timestamps. IM apps like WhatsApp and Viber are also supported.
  • Keyword Alerts. Add words and phrases to a list to a blacklist and receive instant alerts when they are used in messages.
  • Web Monitoring. Monitor all web browsing activity, including blocked websites and suspicious content.
  • GPS Tracking. Track your child’s real-time location on an interactive map.
  • Social Media Monitoring. Monitor their social accounts on Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat.
  • Email, Calendar, and Notes Monitoring. Read sent and received emails and view upcoming calendar events and notes.

Final Words

If your phone never stops beeping with spam messages,it’s time to take action. Check out our list of the top call and text blocking apps for Android and iOS. All of them are reliable, powerful, and easy to use. And if you’re looking for parental control features, give Parentaler a try. It will provide you with the peace of mind you deserve.

Jim Jefferson is the voice behind Parentaler blog posts. A true expert in digital security with over 10-year experience in child behaviorism. He focuses on making parent's lives easier by enlightening their digital experience.

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