Is Steam Safe? Everything Parents Need to Know About Steam

Jim Jefferson
Is Steam Safe

Steam is an immensely popular digital distribution platform developed by Valve Corporation. It allows users to download games and other software on their devices. With over 120 million active monthly users, Steam is undoubtedly the leader in digital game distribution.

As a parent, you may be wondering – is Steam safe for my kids to use? This comprehensive guide will discuss everything you need to know about Steam safety, security, age ratings, parental controls, and more.

What is Steam, and is Steam Trustworthy?


So, is Steam safe to download? Steam is an online platform that lets users purchase, download, and manage video games and software. It provides secure distribution and social networking services that allow gamers to connect with each other.

Steam has multiple security layers, like two-factor authentication and encryption protocols. User data is protected, accounts need verification to log in from new devices, and financial information is secured when making purchases. This makes Steam a relatively safe choice.


Is Steam a Reliable Website? What Are The Features of Steam?

Before answering the question of “is Steam safe to use?” let’s see some key features that make Steam popular:

  • Huge game library – Access to over 30,000 game titles from various developers and publishers
  • Social features – Chat, groups, forums, and reviews help gamers connect
  • Sales and deals – Games frequently go on sale with attractive discounts
  • Cloud saves – Save games progress to pick up playing on another device
  • Parental controls – Restriction options for kids using Steam

What is the Appropriate Age to Use Steam? Is Steam Safe for Kids? 

Steam does not have any age limitations for creating an account. Therefore, answering the question of “Is Steam safe for kids?” is a bit complex.  However, the games and content sold on Steam have age ratings assigned by rating agencies and developers. Here are some general guidelines:

  • 13+ Years – Suitable for teenagers. Games have mild violence, suggestive themes, crude humor, etc.
  • 16+ Years – Appropriate for older teens. Games feature intense violence, blood and gore, and sexual content.
  • 18+ Years – For legal adults only. Graphic violence, nudity, adult topics.

Ultimately, it depends on your judgment as a parent to decide if a game is age appropriate for your child. Check ratings and gameplay content before they access games.

Is it Secure To Buy Games From Steam? Are Steam Games Safe?

steam apple store

Buying games on Steam is reasonably secure. Here’s why –

  • Secure payment processing is enabled through renowned companies. Details are encrypted.
  • Purchases must be verified through email confirmation links.
  • Transactions can be authenticated through mobile Steam Guard.
  • Support teams can track and recover lost items.

As long as you protect your account with a strong password and Steam Guard authentication, buying games involves low risks.

Is Steam Secure For Your Kid?

Though Steam employs safety protocols, there are some risks involved when kids access the platform.

1. Online Predators and Scammers

The social features of Steam, like chat rooms, forums, and groups allow children to interact with strangers freely. Unfortunately, this opens up the risk of encountering online predators pretending to be fellow gamers. They may attempt to befriend kids, gain personal information, and exploit or groom them. Scammers also target valuable gaming items and account information. This raises concerns about how safe is Steam. Without proper awareness, children often cannot identify deceitful behaviors in online spaces.

2. Your Kids Can Access Age Inappropriate Games

Steam has over 30,000 games spanning various genres and age ratings. Despite setting family viewing limitations, children can still search and discover games with mature content. Graphic violence, nudity, sexual material, and strong language are common across many popular games. Kids often feel tempted to play these games to fit in with peers or challenge restrictions. This can negatively impact their psyche and worldviews at a young age. Trying out restricted gameplay also gets kids into the habit of disregarding age ratings.

3. Your Kid Can Come In Contact With Violent Gamers

So, how safe is Steam for your kid’s mental health? Toxic online gamer behaviors like trolling, bullying, racism, and threats can shatter a child’s psyche. Multiplayer interactions, in particular, expose kids to intense language and conflicts. For example, popular games like DOTA 2 and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive are rife with verbally abusive players. Children can face traumatizing experiences ranging from profanity to death threats during gameplay. The anonymous and isolated nature of these interactions often emboldens gamers to unleash the worst behaviors.

4. Your Kid Can Be The Victim Of Gaming Addiction

Unmonitored access alongside peer influence can quickly lead children down the path of gaming addiction. This causes severe impacts on health, studies, social life, and overall lifestyle. Symptoms like anxiety, depression, obesity, and sleep disorders tend to emerge. Steam’s vast catalog gives impressionable kids endless discoveries and entertainment sources to obsess over. So, adequate involvement is crucial to ensure gaming stays a constructive activity.

So, is Steam safe enough for kids to access unsupervised? Probably not. The risks of content exposure, addiction, and interactions with questionable strangers do exist. Applying parental control tools is crucial.


How Can You Set Parental Controls On Steam

Here are some ways parents can leverage Steam’s restrictive settings to make it safer and provide you with the answer to the question of “Is Steam secure?”:

  • Set password requirements on purchases to prevent unauthorized transactions. Additional authentication through emails or mobile Steam Guard for purchases gives you oversight. Kids cannot buy games or features without consent.
  • Limit Steam Wallet funds adding ability as per need. Control the money kids can add to their Steam Wallets to restrict how much they can spend. This also avoids overspending behaviors.
  • Use Steam Guard to secure accounts from getting hacked. The two-factor authentication requires a one-time passcode alongside the password to log in from new devices. So, even if the password is compromised, accounts stay protected.
  • Disable community features like chat, comments, and forums selectively. Limit participation in public discussions and chatting with unknown users altogether through parental controls for enhanced safety.


So, is Steam safe? Steam offers a digital gaming experience like no other platform. However, it does require parents to take adequate precautions depending on the child’s age. Features like family viewing and activity reviews help confidently allow access while keeping safety as a priority.

The choice comes down to your discretion as a parent. Set age-appropriate restrictions, actively monitor activities, and guide kids on risks – and Steam can prove to be a controlled and engaging platform for PC gaming.

Jim Jefferson is the voice behind Parentaler blog posts. A true expert in digital security with over 10-year experience in child behaviorism. He focuses on making parent's lives easier by enlightening their digital experience.

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